The memorial to the Holocaust victims was vandalized

 The memorial to the Holocaust victims was vandalized

The vandals painted an offensive inscription on the memorial to the Holocaust victims “Formula of Sorrow” in Pushkin, Leningrad region, as reported by the RJC Anti-Semitism Monitoring Service and the Sova Center with reference to the News.Jeps portal.

The Russian Jewish Congress is outraged by this barbaric act in a region where one of the country’s largest Jewish communities lives. The place where the Nazis exterminated innocent Jews for almost 80 years has been desecrated. We call on law enforcement agencies to conduct a thorough investigation of the crime, find the perpetrators and punish them to the fullest extent of the law. We will closely monitor the progress of the investigation.

The offensive scribbles on the monument were soon removed, but the monument harmed: the surface was scratched, and the font covered with gold paint was partially erased — as a result, restoration is required.

The Jewish community of St. Petersburg is preparing a statement on the initiation of a criminal case, as well as an appeal to the Pushkin administration with a request to take measures to prevent such crimes.

The monument “Formula of Sorrow” was erected in 1991 on the initiative of the Jewish community commemorating the victims of Nazism who were killed in Pushkin in 1941.

(The word “ЭНО”, which was signed by the vandals is a nationalist movement with branches in the Russian Federation and other post-Soviet countries).

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