Jewish community center was set on fire

 Jewish community center was set on  fire

In Moscow, unknown set fire to the building of the Jewish community «Shamir» in the Perovo district and painted on it the inscription «Death to the Jews» and a Nazi swastika. This was reported to the Russian Jewish Congress by Chief Rabbi of the «Shamir» community Berl Tsisin. The attack took place on the night of April 20 – Hitler’s birthday. The fire partially destroyed the porch of the main entrance. No one was injured, the material damage, according to preliminary estimates, was about 100 thousand rubles.

According to Rabbi Tsisin, after contacting the police they took a statement, but he does not know about any further investigative actions.

The Moscow Jewish community «Shamir», which has existed for over thirty years, has suffered its second attack in the last year. The previous attack took place on September 20 last year, when an intruder tried to break into the building and, failing to get inside, smashed up the porch and the service car. There were several people in the community who locked the door and called the police. The police arrived and took the attacker to the «Perovo» police station, but, according to the rabbi, he was not punished and the case was subsequently closed.

«People are afraid to come to us for holidays and prayers, they don’t feel safe in our walls», –  Rabbi Tzisin told.

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