About the Conference

We are happy to announce that the Third Moscow International Conference «Protecting the Future» on combating Xenophobia, Antisemitism, and Racism will be held on November 21-23, 2021 in Moscow.

The idea of the “Protecting the Future” Moscow International Conference was to provide a tool to combat antisemitism. The level of antisemitism in the society and the attitude of the government and the public to this issue are a litmus test of the degree of civil society maturity in every civilized country. The special feature of our Forum is not only and not so much as just collecting facts or calling “Never again!” rhetorical slogans.

Such tasks are successfully solved by many countries and organizations, both Jewish and non-Jewish, including international ones. Instead, we use a different approach.

It was in Moscow, where for the first time a question for all the participants in the discussion was clearly formulated: What positive experience in combating this Plague of the 20th Century that ended with the Holocaust, has been accumulated and comprehended by governments, the scientific community, and the general public? What can and should we do together and how should we act? What roles do religious leaders, cultural professionals, media and education sector representatives play in this? What are the top tasks that should get addressed? The answers to these questions in the context of combating antisemitism are summarized in the Conference Declaration.

The First Conference held in 2016 has already shown that antisemitism is indissolubly tied to xenophobia and is closely intertwined with the escalation of hate in the world and creation of an image of the enemy, when certain population groups become the objects of hate on a national, religious or racial basis.

That is why, the 2018 Moscow Forum paid such close attention to the problem of preventing and combating ethnic extremism, xenophobia and racism that accompany us in the 21st century.

Due to a significant increase in the number of participants as well as expansion of agendas of plenary sessions, round tables, and sections these new challenges and solutions were reflected both in the title and the Declaration of the Second “Protecting Future” Moscow International Conference.

The third Forum, which just like the two previous ones will focus on analytical documents from reputable research centres in Russia and abroad, is intended to expand the scope of the Conferences, responding to new challenges – the growth of racism, islamophobia and other phobias, but also to spotlight the key issue – on the most effective means of their prevention and combating.

First of all, we expect to get an expert assessment on the quality of monitoring of antisemitism, racism and xenophobia.

Let’s work together to really protect the future world, to make the tomorrow than the yesterday!